ONIGIRI Chain Light Paper(EN)


The ONIGIRI Chain is a public blockchain specialized in food and healthcare. It aims to become a foundation for new value creation by collecting and storing data related to food and healthcare, thereby establishing itself as a protocol for these sectors. By storing data on the blockchain, such as what kinds of dishes exist in the world and who ate what, it enables the long-term preservation of this data. This, in turn, allows for the use of food and healthcare data across a wide range of fields including finance, insurance, and healthcare. Furthermore, by introducing $ONGR, we aim to shift from traditional relative pricing to market-based pricing for food-related data, thereby striving to build an appropriate ecosystem.

Why we use blockchain

Why use blockchain? Current Industry Challenges Data related to food and healthcare are being generated and collected by various service providers such as gourmet apps, recipe apps, healthcare apps, and even POS systems and inventory management systems. However, there is a lack of progress in service integration and the design of integration incentives, leading to the duplication of resources. Users often input similar data into multiple services, and each service provider collects similar data.

Furthermore, with the traditional data management methods of a single company, user-generated data can be lost if the service is discontinued or the operating company ceases its activities. It is believed that food and healthcare data, when preserved over a long period, can be utilized in industries such as medicine and pharmaceuticals, thereby offering greater value than ever before.

We aim to solve these problems by utilizing blockchain, smart contracts, and tokens, striving to create a new foundation for value creation through food and healthcare data.

Feature of ONIGIRI Chain

The ONIGIRI Chain aims to solve the aforementioned challenges and become a common protocol for food and healthcare.

  • Data Management on the Blockchain

    • Shifting from data ownership and management by a single company to management by multiple entities on the blockchain, this allows for data management that is independent of the lifespan of companies or services.

  • Login with EOA Wallet

    • By logging into each application built on the ONIGIRI Chain with an EOA Wallet, it becomes possible to manage a shared user ID.

  • Free Gas Fees

    • Users do not need to bear the cost of Gas fees, making it easy for traditional Web2 users to use the applications.

  • Data Confidentiality with ONIGIRI System

    • Our unique ONIGIRI System enables the segregation of data into Public, accessible and usable by anyone, and Private, accessible and usable only by specific businesses.

  • Market Pricing of Data with $ONGR

    • By introducing $ONGR, we aim to establish market prices for data that were previously defined relatively, thereby striving to build an appropriate ecosystem.


The ONIGIRI System is composed of the ONIGIRI Chain and the OMOCHI Chain. The ONIGIRI Chain is a Public Chain, allowing anyone to write, view, and use data. On the other hand, the OMOCHI Chain is a Private Chain, where only Validators can view and use the data. To become a Validator on the ONIGIRI Chain, staking of $ONGR is required. Data written on the OMOCHI Chain is communicated to the ONIGIRI Chain without its contents being made public, through Avalanche Warp Messaging. On the ONIGIRI Chain, $ONGR is distributed as a reward for this data.


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